2015 Annual General Meetings

Our president, John Lee called the annual meeting to order at the Brae Burn Country Club and offered the benediction after which we enjoyed another delicious lunch. Next, our treasurer, Tom Gossett reviewed the organization’s finances and reported that Houston Grampian Association continues to be financially very sound.

John Lee assessed our current membership position and indicated that we are retaining members, but not growing. John also presented the report of the Education and Events Committees. Former Events and Education chairman Carol Decker has retired and will be greatly missed. It was reported that the 2014 Queens tea was a great success with 84 attendees, and the event will be repeated again this year. Another successful event from 2014 was our OTC Breakfast, which generated approximately $3000 in revenue.

John also reported on the recent activities of the Houston Sister Cities organization. There is to be a fundamental change from the Protocol Office this year, and as more details become known, our role in future Sister Cities activities be evaluated.

Mary Metz reported for the Nominating Committee with recommendations. Presented for three year terms were Tom Gossett, Quin McWhirter and Joanne Zumbrun. They were elected by voice vote. Directors with two remaining years are Ross Davidson, John Lee and Kornell Rost. Those with one year remaining are Stuart Gibson, John Fowler and Kevin Howard. John Lee has agreed to continue to serve as President for as long as he remains in the United States.

Following the business meeting, with thanks to the Brae Burn Country Club for their consistently excellent hospitality, the meeting was adjourned.