With threatening weather around us, a small but hearty group met for lunch at the Brae Burn Country Club to discuss the business of the previous year and to elect directors and a president for 2013, and to discuss the events of the year to come. A lovely luncheon was prepared by the Brae Burn CC staff and enjoyed by our attendees prior to beginning the business at hand. Leading our organization are our President, John Lee and our Chairman, Mary Metz and they are shown to the left. To the right, Mary is shown visiting with Carol Decker and Marti McWhirter.

Following lunch, John Lee discussed our successes and failures for 2012 and affirmed that our financial status was strong but that our efforts to grow membership still need attention and creativity. He indicated our continued success in the strength of our OTC breakfast, which has been a partnership with BABC and which has benefited their scholarship group BAFTX. Susan Howard, BAFTX President was present. He also mentioned the very strong turnout of our 2012 Queen's Tea, held at the Hotel ZaZa and which represented the largest attendance since we began the event several years ago. He acknowledged our continued success in our signature Student Nurse Exchange program, conducted in partnership with Houston Baptist University, our sister organization Grampian/Houston, and Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

John gave the treasurer's report in the absence of Treasurer John Fowler and then asked committee chairs to report on activities during the year. Reports for our business committee by Ross Davidson, membership committee by John Lee, events committee and student nursing exchange by Carol Decker and the website report by Quin McWhirter were given.

Following committee reports, our membership elected directors for the coming year and then reconvened in the adjacent room to elect John Lee as our President again, and John was thanked and applauded by the group for the great leadership he brought to us in 2012. The meeting was adjourned with continued optimism regarding our challenges and the accomplishments and challenges we look forward to in 2013.

In the photos below, shown are the members attending at their tables, and in the second photo are John Lee and past president Dwight Beach.