Following our new tradation begun last year, we gathered at the Braeburn Country Club for our Annual General Meeting and, despite a bit of rainy weather, had an enthusiastic group of Grampians to meet, socialize, and conduct the business of the organization and to elect new board members and officers. 

With long-time members, including three founding members of the Houston Grampian Association, we also had newer members and a visitor from the English Speaking Union join us. Following the election of board members, a photo was taken and they are shown to the left and are from left to right: Moira Holden, John Lee, Carol Decker, Ross Davidson, Rebecca Roberts, Mary Metz, Quin McWhirter and Joanne Zumbrun.

Our format was a bit different this year as we conducted the majority of the business meeting prior to lunch, which was tastefully prepared by the chef. Following lunch, we enjoyed the vocal talent of Elizabeth Sjoberg in her acapella presentation of a variety of English, Sottish and Irish songs, some written by the great poets.

Rebecca Roberts worked hard in coordinating the event and along with Moira Holden, who decorated tables and who did all of the photography for us, made it a very special event. Rebecca and Mary Metz both spoke at the beginning of the meeting and are shown together on the right at the podium.

As the meeting opened, Rebecca introduced our Chairman, Mary Metz who in turn introduced our President, Ross Davidson. He graciously thanked the board and membership for good work during the previous year. Reports were then presented by each of the HGA committee chairs regarding the activities for which they are responsible and then we enjoyed lunch. Next, board members were elected to replace the outgoing directors, and Ross Davidson was re-elected by the new board to serve again as our President.

Our choices from the menu this year were Snapper Piccata and steak salad, a difficult choice for sure but a winner either way. Thanks to Moira's good photography, below are our members and guests enjoying fellowship during the luncheon and looking forward to the great entertainment by Elizabeth Sjoberg which concluded the day's activities. Elizabeth is shown in the center photo below during her presentation.